The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with kids.

Cover for Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with KidsWhether you’re a first-time camper or a veteran backpacker befuddled by the challenges of carting a brood—and all the requisite gear—into the wild, this new guide is packed with practical advice, checklists, recipes, games and activities, and creative outdoor craft projects.

Helen Olsson, a seasoned camper, backpacker, and mother of three, shares lessons learned over the years of outdoors adventures with her own kids. She consistently delivers the straight scoop—with a dose of humor and dash of irreverence—be it advice on curbing whining or pointers for brewing the perfect cup of camp joe.

Learn the basics of camping with kids, from babies through pre-teens, from gearing up to setting up to cleaning up. Whip up tasty camp grub. Discover foolproof tactics for keeping little hikers chugging down the trail. Explore nature through inspirational camp arts and craft projects. This guide is your game plan to unplugging from the digital world and connecting your kids to nature through camping.

Illustrations by Scotty Reifsnyder.

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